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AP treasury tax pay passing on the online Challan to the tax Remitters, AP treasuries functions are on …
An AP treasury main function is the conducting financial transaction to the government such as payment of salaries’ & other payment. AP treasuries are passing on the cash transactions pass through none banking AP treasuries & banks. AP treasury shall pay Payment of pensions to the pensioners. AP treasury is take custody to the valuable articles of an election boxes, exam papers, departmentation cash chests, treasure trove.AP -treasury Online Challan Form issue to the Challan form no for the Remitters. The remitter would be entering Correct “DDO-CODE” and the Head of the account. That are no modification shall be get after the payment are made.The Enter Customer ID as on the Identifi Number,PAN Number,Ration-Card Number etc, Remitter's Name & Address, Purpose of payment, Electronic mail ID (Email-ID) of an payee, Mobile Numer & enter your Amount. Get the challan Press print Challan to get an online Challan Form print to be print.AndhraPradesh treasury online Challan Form to be gets this link: http://treasury.ap.gov.in

what is a DDO-CODE?
Every payer would have been unique DDO-CODE to be made by the transaction on the AP treasuries. Reference by the treasury challan form on find DDO-code.
DDOs is the requested on the enter there details on the EMP mapping at http://treasury.ap.gov.in/ddoreq & Go to service register option ddo- emp mapping.

The available functions of AP treasury :
1. Payment of the government security on a way as stock certificate, bearer bond, promissory notes & income tax deduction.
2. Exercise treasury control to an overall departmental financial transactions is by the
3. Maintenance of a civil, local fund & personal deposit account, Preparations of the budget estimates for the respective departments.
4. If the function is also can be reconciliations of a receipts & expenditure to the department, processing pension cases of a respective departments & more.

The Check on the link of AP treasuries now available in this web link: http://treasury.ap.gov.in

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